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The Rekindle Society (the Piedmont Chapter of SPAAMFAA) now has for sale 6 3/8" diameter red SPAAMFAA magnets. You can use them on your daily drive then move them to your rig when needed. We call them removable bumper stickers! The magnets are $7.00 each including shipping ($8.00 in Canada). Our address is:Rekindle Society PO Box 922 Spartanburg SC 29304. I will send you a color photo of the magnet by request at rekindle@bellsouth.net if you would like to view one prior to purchase. The proceeds fund the chapter and our newly acquired Mack C-95.

I'm interested in purchasing or trading for fire memorabilia from departments in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. My interests are wide and I will consider any item such as badges, papers, post cards, helmets, photos, etc.

Steve Hagy 859-341-8610 or stemel@fuse.net.