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There weren’t many pieces of fire apparatus sold in the Cincinnati area that were built on Studebaker chassis. This 1939 delivery to Arlington Heights, Ohio is the only rig produced by Ahrens-Fox on a Studebaker chassis. Equipped with a 500-gpm pump the rig is shown here somewhere after a fire in the Millcreek Valley. This engine was last spotted in Lockland in the early 1980’s.

Cincinnati was noted for its large fleet of Ahrens-Fox and Seagrave apparatus, but Mack did well with the C.F.D. too. Here Engine 17 has a line off at a fire with their 1952 Mack 1000-gpm pumper. Four of these were delivered to Cincinnati in 1952.

EMS response was a minor part of the fire service in most area departments when this panel truck was in use as the Life Squad in Morrow. This style of Ford was in production from 1948 to 1950.

Sutphen began building their aerial towers in 1964. Many of the early deliveries were constructed on commercial truck chassis including this GMC chassis unit for Fairfield. Delivered in 1970 this big rig had a 1250-gpm pump and an 85’ tower.

Ambulances in many communities in Greater Cincinnati had Life Squad organizations that operated independent of the local fire company. Such was the case in New Richmond where the local squad operated this 1961 Ford/Seibert ambulance.

Silver Grove, Kentucky operated this sharp looking 1956 International. The body on this 750-gpm engine was built by Oren of Roanoke, Virginia. Oren apparatus was sold in this area by Stanley “Fog Nozzle” Seebohm.

Cincinnati Engine 3 is parked at the corner of 14th & Race Street with their 1960 Seagrave engine. Notice the fire alarm box just to the left of the 3’s that also has a police call box mounted on the pedestal.