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2019 M.G.H.F.A.S. Muster at Oeder’s Lake

June 1st was a beautiful summer day and families, friends and firefighters gathered at Oeder’s Lake for our first muster at that location in many years. It was wonderful to return to that beautiful place that holds so many good memories for our organization. A big “Tip of the Helmet” to Richard Oeder for generously allowing us to gather at Oeder’s Lake.

Lot’s of antique and vintage fire engines were on display.

We’re grateful for the vendors who come to sell their wares at the fire flea market. Looks like Tom Camp is headed to the trailer for more goodies!

The sign says it all. We want to thank our sponsors for their generous support of this event.

Mark Radtke (and relief driver Nick Placke) spent the day driving in circles, but all of the passengers were having a good time.