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Updated on 04-01-2020

*** March Flea Market has been cancelled out of concern with the Corona Virus pandemic as has the March membership meeting.***

~~~ Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary ~~~

Dont miss the 2020 Miles Greenwood Historical Fire Apparatus Society Fire Memorabilia Flea Market!!
March 27 - 28th
Go to the Events page for more details.

Welcome to The Miles Greenwood Historical Fire Apparatus Society
The Southwest Ohio Chapter of SPAAMFAA

The Miles Greenwood Historical Fire Apparatus Society, Inc. is a group dedicated to the common goal of preserving America's fire service heritage. We seek to do this by encouraging the preservation and restoration of antique and vintage fire equipment. We also participate in displays and competitions for antique fire apparatus through out the nation.

The next monthly meeting will be held on the third Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM at the Cincinnati Air Conditioning Company, 2080 Northwest Drive, Cincinnati, OH 45231. Springfield Township, OH.

Join the crowd at the next monthly meeting!

Hey! Did you know that on the November update two new categories were added to the Photo Page? Take a look at the Members Apparatus and Around the Area photo spreads. There might also be a new section with a few pictures of our 2018 muster appearing soon.


2019 Frankenmuth, Michigan Muster

2016 National Heritage Fire Muster


Photos taken by our member David Jones.

Click here to view all pictures.


The Miles Greenwood Historical Fire Apparatus Society is now on Facebook. Please join the group just type Miles Greenwood in the Facebook Search box.